Recycle your Cans and Plastics with Method


It's easy to throw junk in the bin without a second thought. Little do we realise we are creating a problem for future generations as resources dwindle and trash piles up. Recycling is a critical part of 21st century life, and we've made it incredibly simple to do.

Cans and plastics have a long lifespan, they can be reused or recycled essentially an endless number of times. Method has developed beautiful recycling stations for offices, which are a great way to encourage sustainable business practices.


Why Recycle?


By recycling you can significantly decrease your waste management costs. With landfills becoming more expensive, recycling has become a cheaper option.

The environmental payoffs are also great. Less space taken up at landfills, less resources used to create new plastics and cans and a cleaner planet for our children's generation.

Method is enabling great recycling practices through sleek and minimalist design. These small office recycling bins will fit perfectly into your office.



What's the Recycling Process?


Thanks to organisations like RecycleNow, we are all becoming more aware of how the wasteful act of throwing plastics and cans into the landfill are.

In the video below you can learn the basis process of how cans are recycled.


Video by Recycle Now



Introducing Open Plan Recycling

The Method Station is one that can easily customised to become an aesthetically pleasing addition to your office design.  It's as simple as choosing the types of recycling streams that you want to implement, and positioning your new bins to catch employees waste. Method has all of the options your business will need, including glass recycling bins and organic waste containers. Having recycling containers for offices allows your business to become more environmentally responsible.

This is how a typical station would look in the office dynamic, learn more about Open Plan Recycling here.



Award Winning Recycle Bin Design


Method Stations are made and designed in New Zealand and have been coined as the “Dyson of Office Recycling”, providing a beautiful and aesthetically appealing way to promote office recycling and environmental sustainability.

We are proud to have won national design awards for our new Method stations, bringing a new visual appeal to global offices. In 2015, the Best Awards recognised the Method Recycling Station for their unique, beautifully shaped design with a nationally accredited bronze pin for industrial design excellence.

Every Method station comes with connectors that lock the bins together to form a station that stays together and stays in place. A patented mechanism holds the garbage bag within the bin, out of sight without collapsing.



Other Environmentally Conscious Organisations


"Everyone loves them, they love the look.  The cleaners love how easy they are to clean and how well the bags stay in place. Staff from other offices see them and want them in their office so we have had nothing but positive feedback."  
Jessica Morrison - Property and Facilities Coordinator - IAG


Jump On The Method Bandwagon.


If environmentally conscious organisations band together, we can transform offices and workplaces into waste recycling stations. Send us a friendly email and start talking to us about how you can easily deploy the Method Station.