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Recycling is a Beautiful Thing



Beautifully practical office recycling bins.


It’s really easy to set up and customise a Method Recycling Station. 

Just choose which recycling streams you need, decide where you want them, and order away. 

Take the bins out of their recyclable cardboard boxes, lock the bins together to form a station, and put in a plastic bag. The patented mechanism locks in and hides the plastic bag.   

Designed and made in New Zealand, Method Recycling Bins have been called ‘the Dyson of office recycling bins’.

A beautiful way to promote sustainability, using them makes you feel good about recycling.


Designer recycling bins that fit seamlessly into your office.


(Filler Copy) Ramsey to write once direction approved. Over three days in Auckland each year, the Design Institute brings together respected and experienced professionals from New Zealand and Australia to judge local design work, measuring it against the best in the world for originality, context and execution.

In 2015, the Method Recycling Bin won a Bronze Award in the New Zealand Best Product Design category for non-consumer products.


Happy Recyclers.


"Everyone loves them, they love the look.  The cleaners love how easy they are to clean and how well the bags stay in place. Staff from other offices see them and want them in their office so we have had nothing but positive feedback."
Jessica Morrison (IAG)


Beautiful, easy colour coded recycling

Yellow for recycling bottles and cans, is easily customised. Choose how many you need, which recycling streams you need, and where you want them. Connectors lock the bins together to form a station. A patented mechanism locks and hides the plastic bag.   

Designed and made in New Zealand Method bins have been called the ‘Dyson of Office Recycling’. A beautiful way to promote sustainability. 

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Glass Recycling

Remember to wash your glass before putting it into the recycling bin.

Paper Recycling

For paper to be successfully recycled, it needs to be clean. Office paper is easy to recycle, but food wrappings are often difficult.

Landfill Waste

Lockable lids keep the odours contained, and your workplace healthy.

Organic Waste

No more landfill for your organic, compostable waste – just put organic waste into the office recycling bin and send it off to the compost farm.

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Bottles & Cans

The right way to dispose of bottles and cans, ensuring they can be made into new products.


Designed to provide short term storage at your desk for paper, recycling and waste.


    Award Winning Quality


    Westpac Growth Grant Winner

    Winner of the $50,000 Westpac Growth Grant

    Best Awards - Bronze Winner

    Bronze winner of the New Zealand Design Awards

    Fast 50 Rising Star - One to Watch

    Wellington winner in the Rising Star category.

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