A recycling station that’s colour coded for paper, glass & waste make office recycling easy as

Colour coded to make recycling easy, a Method Recycling Station simplifies office recycling, saving staff time.

Yellow for recycling bottles and cans, is easily customised. Choose how many you need, which recycling streams you need, and where you want them. Connectors lock the bins together to form a station. A patented mechanism locks and hides the plastic bag.   

Designed and made in New Zealand Method bins have been called the ‘Dyson of Office Recycling’. A beautiful way to promote sustainability. 


Bottles + Cans

The right way to dispose of bottles and cans, ensuring they go away to be made into the new bottles and cans.

Paper recycling bins

For paper to be successfully recycled, it needs to be clean. Office paper is easy to recycle, but food wrappings are often difficult.

Method bin - front view CLOSED BLUE paper.jpg

Glass recycling bins

Remember to wash your glass before putting it into the recycling bin.