Method x Sherwood Hotel, Queenstown


Sherwood Hotel, set on the alpine hillside in Queenstown overlooking Lake Wakatipu and the Remarkables range, oozes both cool and calm.

Dining here focuses on fresh, seasonal, soul food taken from Sherwood’s own kitchen gardens, orchards and surrounding farms. Activities include yoga, pilates, meditation and massage, plus  live music, film, writers and artists in residence.

Each room has locality at its core; custom wall art and hand woven furnishings adorn the walls, a thick woollen blanket courtesy of South Island flocks comes with each of its 78 rooms, and New Zealand made manuka honey & myrtle bodywash inhabits every washroom.


On the roof of Sherwood you’ll find 248 high efficiency multi-crystalline solar panels. It’s one of the largest private solar installs in New Zealand, and generates so much energy it actually returns excess back to the grid -- how about that for a carbon footprint.

With a mission as clear as this, every aspect of the aesthetic had to be carefully considered when Sherwood was renovating. That’s why Method’s visibly beautiful recycling bins became the natural fit for to amplify their conscious choices about waste.

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Liane Leesment, Sherwood’s Operations Manager, initially invested a first run of Method recycling stations and was astonished with the results.

“We have achieved almost 100% diversion of waste from landfill in our restaurant by focusing on specialised waste collection and on site separation,” Leesment said.

We’re excited to see what the future holds for Sherwood as they install more of our Method recycling stations across their ethically-minded, luxuriously cool site. We’ll check back in with them early next year.


Why Your Office Should Recycle

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We know that we should recycle at home, but oftentimes we forget about the environmental impact our offices can have. Think about it: 100 employees, 100 lunches worth of waste. That’s why it’s imperative that we help divert as much as we can from landfill by giving workers a visible, simple system to help them recycle. With a little effort, a big difference can be made.

Saves Money

As our Financial Case Study shows, huge savings can occur when switching from Individual Desk Bins to Method Recycling Stations. You can drastically reduce cleaners fees by reducing your number of bins, as well as the amount of liners you’re using.

Improves your Corporate Social Responsibility

Starting a recycling initiative improves your Corporate Social Responsibility and your company’s image. More and more consumers are realising the necessity of environmental responsibility, and shifting their allegiances to ‘greener’ brands that encompass these moral values. Setting up recycling within your office, especially in such a visible way as with Method bins, will boost your employees’ morale through the efforts you’re making.

Atlassian's Sydney offices

Atlassian's Sydney offices

Changes Behaviours

By incorporating recycling into your office environment, you are spearheading a campaign to change your workers into change-makers. By giving people accountability for their actions, you are reinforcing positive behaviours which will then be translated into their home lives, too. Our recycling bins provide education and motivation to become more impassioned about recycling and reusing in all aspects of life.

Protects the Environment

Would you like to protect the world from harmful chemicals and greenhouse gasses? How about reducing the need for raw materials so that habitats need not be destroyed? It’s been reported that for every ton of paper you recycle, 26,500 litres of water and 17 trees are saved. We think you'll agree that that's astronomical number, and something we just cannot ignore.


Head in the right direction today with Method Recycling.

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The Future of Open Plan Offices

The Future of Open Plan Offices

There are three characteristics we believe help Method Recycling stand out from the crowd when it comes to modern design-thinking in the workplace.

Here’s how we will shape the open plan offices of the future:

Don’t Waste Your Lunch: Method Recycling at Britomart Place

Don’t Waste Your Lunch: Method Recycling at Britomart Place

They say the best conversations happen over lunch, but we’d argue that trash talk is even better. Every lunchtime last week Jo from our Auckland office took to Britomart Place, as part of their Better Month campaign, to showcase our Method bins and what a visible difference they can make.

Ethical Manufacturing: Team Trip to our Whanganui Factory

Ethical Manufacturing: Team Trip to our Whanganui Factory

Last week our Wellington office took a road-trip to Whanganui, the home of the sacred Whanganui river, art deco architecture, delicious cafes, and - last but not least - AXIAM factory. Our mission for the day was to show the new members of our team the manufacturing process behind our beautiful Method bins.

Method Making a Visible Difference in Kindergartens

Method recycling bins have been praised for instilling a consciousness around recycling in children at kindergarten. Beach Haven Kindergarten, an enviroschool with a heavy emphasis on sustainable habits, is using Method bins to teach children how to separate their waste at source and divert a great amount of landfill to compost and recycling.

Check out the article below to see how Beach Haven Kindergarten is using Method Bins to teach children how to look after our planet. 



Lendlease HQ - Tower Three Opening at Barangaroo South

We have been involved in one of the most amazing commercial property developments in Australia. It is a 300,000 SQM project with a possible 16,000 people working in the three tower blocks. Sustainability is a core value of the development being carbon positive, 6 green stars and having zero waste to landfill by 2020. Here is a link to some press about the opening and the video has a bin cameo.