Why Your Office Should Recycle

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We know that we should recycle at home, but oftentimes we forget about the environmental impact our offices can have. Think about it: 100 employees, 100 lunches worth of waste. That’s why it’s imperative that we help divert as much as we can from landfill by giving workers a visible, simple system to help them recycle. With a little effort, a big difference can be made.

Saves Money

As our Financial Case Study shows, huge savings can occur when switching from Individual Desk Bins to Method Recycling Stations. You can drastically reduce cleaners fees by reducing your number of bins, as well as the amount of liners you’re using.

Improves your Corporate Social Responsibility

Starting a recycling initiative improves your Corporate Social Responsibility and your company’s image. More and more consumers are realising the necessity of environmental responsibility, and shifting their allegiances to ‘greener’ brands that encompass these moral values. Setting up recycling within your office, especially in such a visible way as with Method bins, will boost your employees’ morale through the efforts you’re making.

    Atlassian'  s Sydney offices

Atlassian's Sydney offices

Changes Behaviours

By incorporating recycling into your office environment, you are spearheading a campaign to change your workers into change-makers. By giving people accountability for their actions, you are reinforcing positive behaviours which will then be translated into their home lives, too. Our recycling bins provide education and motivation to become more impassioned about recycling and reusing in all aspects of life.

Protects the Environment

Would you like to protect the world from harmful chemicals and greenhouse gasses? How about reducing the need for raw materials so that habitats need not be destroyed? It’s been reported that for every ton of paper you recycle, 26,500 litres of water and 17 trees are saved. We think you'll agree that that's astronomical number, and something we just cannot ignore.


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