Financial Case Study - Method Recycling Stations vs. Individual Desk Bins


Here we compare the setup and service costs of an office outfitted with Method Recycling Stations vs. with Individual Desk Bins over the course of one year.

(These figures are based on a company that has 110 staff in a 1,500m2 office over 240 work days. This company would have three Method Recycling stations - one station per every 37 people/ 500 m2 - comprised of three waste-streams with open top lids. Freight costs have been excluded.)

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 1.44.56 PM.png
bin liner analysis page NZ-02.jpg

Method Recycling Stations will save your cleaners time:

- Changing 9 bin liners at 30 seconds a liner = 8-10 minutes

- Changing 110 bin liners at 30 seconds a liner = 55 minutes

Method Recycling Stations are a visual statement of your commitment to sustainability

Method Recycling Stations are flexible, beautiful and effective

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