Ethical Manufacturing: Team Trip to our Whanganui Factory

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On the way to Whanganui

Last week our Wellington office (KeepCups and Frank Green Smartcups in hand) took a road-trip to Whanganui, the home of the sacred Whanganui river, art deco architecture, delicious cafes, and - last but not least - AXIAM factory. Our mission for the day was to show the new members of our team the manufacturing process behind our beautiful Method bins.

New Zealand Made

It’s always been imperative for us to produce our products locally. It's the only way to stay true to our core values which we’ve adhered to from the start of our Design Story through to our global growth - innovation, flexibility, sustainability, and transparency.

By having every element of our bins produced here, from our strikers and mechanisms to our packaged lids, we can ensure consistent quality, effective use of our recyclable materials, and ethical treatment of workers. Any other method would impede on the very basis of the Method brand.

Transparency is key

Our tour of AXIAM was led by Brad, a man passionate about business development who has been with the company for 16 years. He took us through each part of the factory, allowing us to see the different stages of their systems, and how they coalesce to create our final product.

It’s not everyday that you get to witness robotics!

With origins in engineering for New Zealand’s world-leading agriculture industry and infrastructure development in the early 1900s, AXIAM has developed as an international centre of excellence in the manufacture of components.

We were all in awe after seeing both the plastic and metal focused parts of the factory, and witnessing the extraordinary amount of precision, skill, and patience that goes into every single nut and bolt.

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Reflections on ethical manufacturing

So what did our team make of their experience of Method’s ethical manufacturing?

It’s awesome that a small unassuming company in Whanganui have world class manufacturing capabilities and service international clients” - Tannia, Operations

A favourite part was putting faces to the names of the people who help work at Axiam and being able to see how they operate and how we can work with them in the future to make the process even more efficient” - Theresa, Sales Support

These days commodities are often sold as finished products and their history is deemed irrelevant to the consumer. It is great for us as staff to see who is making our bins, how they are made and the work environment they are made in so we can share this transparency with our customers” - Hannah, Customer Service and Administration

At the moment we ensure all reject products are reground and used again, so there’s no waste. We also ensure that AXIAM is an Ethical employer as safety is paramountSteve, Co-founder

 Safety comes first, especially when in the form of stylish eyewear. 

Safety comes first, especially when in the form of stylish eyewear.