Don’t Waste Your Lunch: Method Recycling at Britomart Place


They say the best conversations happen over lunch, but we’d argue that trash talk is even better. Every lunchtime last week Jo from our Auckland office took to Britomart Place, as part of their Better Month campaign, to showcase our Method bins and what a visible difference they can make.

Britomart Place is a hub of waterfront heritage buildings, new developments, public spaces, restaurants, bars and more located between Waitemata Harbour and Auckland’s lower CBD. The area is pedestrian-focused and a centre-point for the many offices in the area, meaning it was the perfect spot for Method to pitch-up during the lunch hour rush.

So how did it go? Over the week our green Organics bin seemed to prompt the most questions, and each day turned out to be the fullest, which surely would’ve made our friends at WeCompost (an Auckland based compostable collection provider) very happy.

We're hoping we can organise more of these activations. But in the meantime we challenge you on your next lunch break to consider your waste — whether it's using your Method bins correctly, taking your recycling back to office, rinsing it and placing it in the relevant office recycling bin, or picking local lunch spots and cafes that provide commercially compostable takeaway packaging.


Questions about recycling? Get in touch with us on our social channels. @MethodRecycling