Does the World Need More Green Buildings?


What is a Green Building?

This week is World Green Building Week, but what exactly is a ‘green building’?

Green or ‘Net Zero’ structures are “highly energy-efficient buildings which generate or supply the energy they need to operate from renewable sources to achieve net zero carbon emissions,” according to the World Green Building Council.

Countries and regions’ differing characteristics mean that the globalised definition of a green building is not always the same, though. “Distinctive climatic conditions, unique cultures and traditions, diverse building types and ages, or wide-ranging environmental, economic and social priorities… shape their approach to green buildings,” says WGBC.

But, we do know that universally green is synonymous with buildings that are revolutionary in their water and waste streams, operating emissions, and their lifecycles, while benefitting people’s health, positively impacting well-being, and even aiding in productivity.

We've had the pleasure of helping when it comes to waste, working with buildings in New Zealand and Australia to increase their sustainability. 

Below you'll find some of our proudest work:

Green Buildings x Method

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Lendlease, Barangaroo South, Sydney, Australia

We have been involved in one of the most amazing commercial property developments in Australia. 300,000 SQM with a possible 16,000 people working in the three tower blocks, this project has sustainability at its core. Its missions include being carbon-positive and, with the help of Method bins, having zero waste to landfill by 2020. We created a custom Brown Dry Waste stream to help them achieve these goals.

Kathmandu, Christchurch, New Zealand

Kathmandu’s head office, Papa Kainga, is a one year old five star Green Star rated building for efficiency and sustainability in Christchurch’s Innovation Precinct. Three stations of three Method Recycling bins are strategically located on each of the headquarters’ three floors. 

“Method’s slick solution is part of our wider sustainability strategy and ethos,” says Oliver Milliner, Kathmandu Sustainability Coordinator.

“It enables us all to play a small role in reducing our individual footprint and living up to Kathmandu’s values.” Read more here.


Geyser Building, Samson Corporation, Parnell, Auckland, New Zealand

Geyser Building, designed by Andrew Patterson of Patterson Associates and owned by Samson Corporation, is the first in New Zealand to receive six stars in its Green Star rating. It uses a third less energy than its counterparts, and 50% of the water and artificial light. We've previously worked with Samson Corporation and their tenants supplying bins for their Ponsonby Central buildings, so we were incredibly excited to partner on this ground-breaking project with them.

Does the world need more Green Buildings? Yes it does, and we'd love to assist the vision of the future. Sign up to our newsletter to hear more of Method's movements