Get Eco-Friendly With Organic Waste Bins


One of the simplest ways we can reduce our impact on the planet is by separating our non-biodegradable rubbish and our organic food waste. Giving people an easy way to divide useless office waste from organic food waste has massively positive effects on the quality of our environment. Method makes your organic waste useful. 

Why Should We Care?

Currently, when we throw out organic waste it ends up buried in the landfill where it is deprived of oxygen and generates methane. This is 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide, and very harmful to our atmosphere.

When organic waste skips the landfill we reduce the amount of methane that gets pumped into the atmosphere. This leads to massively reduced greenhouse gas emissions which and helps to fight global warming.

On top of this, being waste conscious is great for business, saving you money on waste removal.



How is Organic Waste Recycled?


We are all becoming more aware of the impact we are having on the planet. Only recently have we learnt about the impact of burring food waste. Since then, we've increased our focus on recycling food waste. In the video below you'll learn the basis process of how this process of recycling food waste occurs.


Method - For Open Plan Recycling


We think Method has the best office recycling bins NZ has to offer. The Method Station can be easily customised to become an aesthetically pleasing addition to your office design.  It's as simple as choosing the types of recycling streams that you want to implement, and positioning your new bins to catch employees waste.

Every Method station comes with connectors that lock the bins together to form a station that stays together and stays in place.  A patented mechanism holds the garbage bag within the bin, out of sight without collapsing.

This is how a typical station would look in the office dynamic.


 Learn more about  Open Plan Recycling here .

Learn more about Open Plan Recycling here.

Minimalist and Beautiful


Method plastic office bins are a beautiful way to promote sustainability in your business. Forget the smelly bucket under the sink, the organic waste bins click shut so nothing escapes the bins, especially odours! 

Method makes it incredibly easy for rubbish bags to be installed and removed. You can also buy bags here.


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If environmentally conscious organisations band together, we can transform offices and workplaces into waste recycling stations. Send us a friendly email and start talking to us about how we can set you up with the Method Station.