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We live in a world of thoughtless wastefulness. People waste resources without any thought,  creating a problem for future generations as resources dwindle.

Today there are simple ways we can reduce the amount of damage we inflict on the environment. One of the best is for offices is to recycle used paper.  This has a huge impact on reducing our personal footprint on the environment.

For example, in the United States in 2014, approximately 65 percent of paper waste was recycled. This amounted to 51 million tonnes of recycled paper. That's a lot of recycled paper! In addition, 80 percent of paper mills in the United States use recycled paper in the production of new paper products.

Learn more about the facts here at Wikipedia.



Why Should We Care?


When we recycle paper, we clearly conserve energy and reduce the amount of carbon dioxide that we pump into the atmosphere. This leads to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and better air quality.

Paper recycling keeps landfill spaces open for other non-biodegradable waste.

Studies show that in 2011 the USA  recycled about 70% of paper consumed in homes and offices. Recycling used paper has wide reaching benefits for companies, commodity consumers and for everybody.

Think about it: when a tonne of paper is recycled, not discarded, we save 17 trees, 7,000 gallons of water, 380 gallons of oil, 3.3 cubic yards of landfill space and 4,000 kilowatts of energy. Greenhouse gas emissions will also be reduced by one metric tonne.

The Process Of Paper Recycling?


Thanks to organisations such as  RecycleNow, we are all becoming more aware of how the wasteful act of throwing paper into a paper recycle bin can save millions of tons of tree waste.

In this video below you will learn the basis process of how paper recycling occurs...



Let's Get Into How It Works!


This nice little infographic thanks to China Daily sums up the process....



A Seamless Paper Recycling Experience


Ok, so we know we should be recycling paper, so how do we make this an experience that is easy for anyone to do.

Here at Method, we exist to remove the barriers for organisations so that they can seamlessly transition to sustainable office recycling.

Introducing The Method Recycling Station



The Method Station is one that can easily customised to become an aesthetically pleasing addition to your office design.  It's as simple as choosing the types of recycling streams that you want to implement, and positioning your new bins to catch employees waste.

Every Method station comes with connectors that lock the bins together to form a station that stays together and stays in place..  A patented mechanism holds the garbage bag within the bin, out of sight without collapsing.

This is how a typical station would look in the office dynamic.






Award Winning Recycle Bin Design


These Method Stations are made and designed in New Zealand and have been coined as the “Dyson of Office Recycling”, providing a beautiful and aesthetically appealing way to promote office recycling and environmental sustainability.

We are proud to have won national design awards for our new Method stations, bringing a new visual appeal to global offices. In 2015, the Best Awards recognised the Method Recycling Station for their unique, beautifully shaped design with a nationally accredited bronze pin for industrial design excellence.



“The Dyson Of Office Recycling”

Beautiful To Look At - No Smell!



Easy Bag Install & Removal


Get started now with these four easy steps..


  •  Advise the office of the new paper waste stations.

  •  Install the paper Method Recycling Station.

  •  Discard used paper into the bin.

  •  Cleaners remove the lid and take the paper bag to the collection unit. It's that easy...

Jump On The Paper Recycling Bandwagon.


If environmentally conscious organisations band together, we can transform offices and workplaces into waste recycling stations. Send us a friendly email and start talking to us about how you can easily deploy the Method Station.



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